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o o o o \_/ \_/ / \ Aquarius Records / \ o o New Arrivals #95 o o \_/ July 12, 2000 \_/ / \ / \ o o o o
Beloved Friends and Customers: Are you enjoying the summer? We hope so. While Andee and Windy take off tomorrow for the Transmissions experimental music festival in Chapel Hill (please introduce yourselves if you're also attending!), you may want to attend the Zmrzlina-organized Mission Creek festival (of which AQ is one of the sponsors) at El Rio, also this weekend. See info below. Also, please note that Allan will be making a panel appearance at the Webzine conference Saturday the 22nd of July (next next weekend). It's a worthy event -- an exhibition, forum and party for independent publishing on the Internet. Emphasis on INDEPENDENT. http://www.webzine2000.com This Issue's Table of Contents: ------------------------------- Records of the Week Selected New Arrivals in Alphabetical Order Music with Turntables, Hip Hop and Otherwise Maurizio Bianchi (MB) Reissues Despondent Doom Metal From Finland Tumbao Label / Classic Cuban Music Printed Matter In Stock, Haven't Had a Chance to Review Yet Announcements / Events (Mission Creek, Terrastock IV etc) Mailorder Procedure ----* ----* Records of the Week : ----* DISCORDANCE AXIS "The Inalienable Dreamless" (Hydra Head) cd 12.98 Yeah, I know we listed this last time, but it sort of got short shrift, especially seeing as this record, and this band are the absolute masters of technical grind, and have taken their chosen form and stretched it farther then anyone could have imagined, creating something furious and brutal and violent and frightening, but absolutley stunning at the same time. And stunning in ways other than musical, which is remarkable for a genre that often shuns the avant garde, or doesn't understand it. The cd comes housed in a DVD box, allowing for more artwork and the gorgeous minimal cover art certainly benefits. The cover and the booklet, continue the DA tradition of hyper minimalism, obfuscated text, and a wicked eye for design. Sleek and smooth, warm, and slightly sinister. And that subtlety bleeds into the sound as well. You would think that a 17 song, 24 minute cd would be short on subtlety and long on bombast, and maybe you'd be half right. DA temper their lightning speed metalcore bombast with, complex song structures, a breathtaking technical prowess, and fleeting moments of dark ambience, classic metal riffing, and face melting noise. This is about as close to perfection, both visually and sonically, as any grindcore/metalcore I have ever heard or seen. Seriously. MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ "From A Summer To Another Summer (An Egypt To Another Egypt)" (Geographic) cd/lp 17.98/ From the Glasgow label run by the Pastels comes the first widely-available collection of music by long-running cult Japanese folk-psych duo Maher Shalal Hash Baz. With 27 shambolic tracks, widely ranging in style, recalling everything from '80s/'90s lo-fi indie-pop like, well, the Pastels, to '60s Japanese psych a la The Jacks to the mellowest, folkiest Albert Ayler freedom jazz jams! Should appeal equally to fans of Belle & Sebastian, {k} Records, and Ghost/PSF stuff. Lovely and fragile, seemingly innocent yet seemingly ancient. Stephen of the Pastels, who loves Maher Shalal Hash Baz so much that he started the Geographic label _specifically_ to release this collection, says: "When you consider how rare it is that you actually hear something that is startlingly different from other music in any given year, or even in a decade (I just tried and could only think of Aphex Twin, a couple of hip-hop productions, and the lyrics of Belle & Sebastian and Silver Jews) it feels such a privilege to be working with people you consider to be actual visionaries." (And terrorists, too, if the stories in Stephen's larger article are to be believed. Let us know if you want to see it!) LOW & SPRINGHEEL JACK "Bombscare EP" (Tugboat) cdep 8.98 Thoroughly delightful little EP wherein Low's Mimi and Alan (new parents! congratulations!) supply the vocals and UK electronic experimentalists Springheel Jack make the instrumental accompaniment. Clearly big Low fans, Springheel Jack have respectfully kept the music quiet and sparse... just like Low would have, only with added embellishments Low usually avoids, like ominous electronic rumbles, evocative strings, and serene piano. Very pretty. Highly recommended. ----* ----* Selected New Arrivals in Alphabetical Order : ----* ALEJANDRA AND UNDERWOOD "Notebooks on Cities and Clothes" (Audioview) cd 15.98 Alejandra and Underwood are actually Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas, the folks responsible for the always-interesting Lucky Kitchen label, devoted to unusual releases like Alejandra's childhood tape experiments, or the fabulous "Blip Bleep" videogame electronic music comp. For this album they took material recorded live over the past year and created fragmented soundscapes with snatches of music, spoken word, and environmental sound, representing their collective subconscious, a "notebook" of sound-thoughts and memories. BADLY DRAWN BOY "The Hour of the Bewilderbeast" (XL/Twisted Nerve) cd/lp 24.00/19.98 When we first heard the Badly Drawn Boy, we couldn't believe our ears. Who was this guy? He was like a Britpop Beck; sort of Beck-like voice, twisted pop sensibilities, beautifully Sentridoh-style home recording, and songs that kill. Well, we still don't exactly know who he is, but at least now there's more than two impossible to find eps. This too was a little difficult to get (check out the price) but it was worth it. Surprisingly, for his first full length, BDB has abandoned the lo-fi bedroom sound, and lots of his Beck-isms and created a lush, hyper-produced pop masterpiece. Somewhere between Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and Beck. Right off the bat, the first song is a spare arrangement for strings and oboes and cornets. In fact the whole record is dotted with swelling string parts, horns, accordians, bleeps and bloops and super creative production. This is a weird and beautiful (albeit commercial, compared to his earlier recordings and remixes) record, definitely for fans of Beck, Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Quasi, Built to Spill, etc. Imagine Beck or Elliott Smith, if they grew up in England, listening to Radiohead and Oasis, and cut their teeth doing remixes for a who's who of British pop/dance groups, and put a record out on MoWax. It's kind of like that, but not exactly. But it *is* totally great. BARMAN, MC PAUL "How Hard Is That?" (Matador) 12" 4.98 Unfair to dis him as the Ivy League Eminem? Maybe. Funny/annoying whiteboy rapping never goes out of style, does it? But it must be said that Barman's definitely got some hilarious lines in his rhymes. (But then again, so does my friend Steven Schultz, and he probably wouldn't put PM Dawn on his record like MC P.B.). Anyhow, if you liked his Prince Paul-produced WordSound debut from last year, then you'll enjoy this (and the cute/gross cover visuals). If you haven't heard that, well, thirty seconds at www.paulbarman.com ought to make up your mind. BEAT HAPPENING "Jamboree" (K) lp 8.98 Yes, back in stock! Prepare yourself for the 6-cd Beat Happening boxset coming this summer. A wonderfully primal and totally punk pop album originally released by Rough Trade in '88 on which Heather, Bret, and Calvin are helped out by two Screaming Trees and a Steve Fisk. This record is the home of one of the prettiest dreamy lo-fi pop songs ever: Indian Summer (later covered by such mellow popsters as Dean Wareham and his band Luna) and paved the way for many young rough-around-the-edges and wet-behind-the-ears K Records combos to come. BEIGE "I Don't Either" (Leaf Label) cd 17.98 Fun, quirky, electronica from Germany ala the Mike and Rich album. BIOSPHERE "Cirque" (Touch) cd 15.98 Still embracing mid-90s ambient electronica, Biosphere fabricates sub-zero atmospheres out of digital swoops, complete with buried radio samples and exotic percussion. It ends up sounding not unlike the ambient realms for Muslimgauze, if the political agenda were based on the plight of the French (whatever that might be) rather than the Palestinians. COIL "Musick To Listen To In The Dark, Volume 2" (Chalice / World Serpent) cd 19.98 "Musick To Listen To In The Dark, Volume Two" is ... not as good as volume one. Obviously these are all of the new-agey dregs that didn't make the cut the first time around. Sure, Coil is said to have put on one hell of show at Spain's Sonar festival with ultraviolet strippers and techno-pagan rituals, but that doesn't give them any excuse to release an album as unnecessary as this. I'm turning in my fanclub badge. More dedicated/diehard fans than I will of course want this, badly. CONCRETES "Boyoubetterunow" (Up) lp Definitely walking a raucous and veering path to your ear... it's The Concretes. Decidedly Swedish and experimental. DEICIDE "Insineratehymn" (Roadrunner) cd 15.98 Beefy Satanic dude death metal. Another in a long line of blasting blasphemies. DOROUGH, BOB "Devil May Care" (Bethlehem) cd 11.98 Cult jazz pianist turned vocalist whose style jazz critic Leonard Feather deemed, "curious, nervous and attractive." This collection features a mix of Tin Pan Alley tunes, jazz standards, and originals. Reissue of the 1956 classic. DUAL "Caste" (CEE) cd 14.98 Spare, hovering, electronic tinkering ranging from the cyclic dissonance of Oval to eerie washes, punctuated by accelerating rhythms. GENE DEFCON "Have A Good Time" (K) 7" 2.98 Number XCVI (that's #97!) in the K Records International Pop Underground Singles Series. You may be wondering just what is this Olympia supergroup's mission? One word "PARTY!" Yup, bounce and bop to these four hyper-pop tunes 'til that cream soda goes right up yer nose. Features members of Tight Bros, Bikini Kill, Mocket and the Bangs. GENE DEFCON FEATURING THE GENETTES "Liz" (Lookout!) 7" 3.98 Now, I really don't wanna use the word "wacky" but the sleeve and liner notes to this record beg such a term. This self-proclaimed "Olympia's #1 Party Band!!!" boasts a line-up that includes Dr. Boogers, Coco Bozo, and Sabrina (the 30 year old witch). While that may produce groans from the party-pooper peanut gallery, don't let that dissuade you. If you're into the pop sounds of farfisa organ melodies and very boy vocals backed with girlie vocals, this is for you. Part of the Lookout! One Night Stand singles series. GOEM "Punik" (Staalplaat) cd 11.98 Kick ass packaging aside (well over 1200 holes punched into cardstock and etched jewel case, so be careful!), Goem's "Punik" is one of the more interesting releases in the current deluge of lowercase / post-techno albums. Using a Student Simulator (simply qualified as a device used in medical school, for what, we don't really know) and a broken Doctor Rhythm drum machine triggering Boucle synthesizers at Stockholm's EMS Studios, "Punik" percolates with electron squiggles and ping-pong motorik slabs of rhythm, that could be the sound equal to Bridget Riley's Op-Art modernism. GOSSIP, THE "s/t" (K) 7" 2.98 The Gossip sling out a raunchy, raw batch of upright bluesy tunes that sound much older than these three youthful zealots' years. K Records International Pop Underground Series #96. GOSSIP, THE "s/t" (K) cdep 5.98 The Gossip sling out a raunchy, raw batch of upright bluesy tunes that sound much older than these three youthful zealots' years. Number 96 in the K Records International Pop Underground Singles Series, but also released as a cd-ep. GUNTER, BERNHARD "Time, Dreaming Itself" (Trente Oiseaux) cd 16.98 With all of the sirens, cell phone conversations that need to be directed outside, and ambient street noise, a Bernhard Gunter record with all of the details buried deep within the non-space of quiet shouldn't be able to be heard above the ambient din of Aquarius. Yet, "Time, Dreaming Itself" is an outrageous Gunter record, simply because it's audible. Fragments of organ drone fizzle from complex fields of haziness into delicate detail work of crackling digital minutae. It could be that Gunter's intent has shifted way from allowing his work to slowly build out of silence into a louder volume that captures the listeners attention and then wanes into his more trademarked sub-audibilities! HALF VISCONTE "s/t" (Decimal Cinque) cd 8.98 Arizona's Half Visconte channel all the good things about indie/post rock (Drive Like Jehu, Rodan, Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth) into something really great, especially considering the glut of 'post rock' bands. The first three songs are complex mathy workouts, along the same lines as Rodan, A Minor Forest and Sweep the Leg Johhny. But track four is where they really come into their own. A twenty minute epic combining post rock rhythms, hypnotic krautrock drones, ambient industrial soundscapes, and experimental click and clatter. If this strange musique concret/post-rock hybrid is where HV are headed, they will be unbeatable. HANOI ROCKS "Decadent, Dangerous, Delicious" (Castle) 2xcd 18.98 "File under Sleaze/Junk." If you buy this you will make a very sad man very very happy. This purports to be a collection of "The Best of" Hanoi Rocks--but it's only 2 cds? Just how is that possible...??? [ Now that Allan is finished (for now) being a sarcastic bastard, I will once again defend one of my all time favorite bands... ]: Hanoi Rocks, while inadvertently helping to spawn an entire generation of MTV glam rock, managed to create an amazing and varied body of work, from trashy garage stomps to perfect little pop songs. And even with a lot of high profile attention (their drummer was killed by Motley Crue's Vince Neil in a drunk driving accident, a hit with their cover of CCR's 'Up Around The Bend, having their entire catalog reissued on Guns and Roses' label at the height of G&R's popularity) they somehow managed to stay just enough underground to miss the superstardom they so deserved. Their sound was a mix of Stooges style garage rock, good old Beatle-esque pop, and a weird reggae/dub influence most obvious in their rhythm guitar parts and dubby drum lines (like the Clash, who supplied Hanoi Rocks with their replacement bass player when Sam Yaffa moved to America to play in Jetboy). But the bottom line is always the songs, and the songs here are catchy as fuck, from the mournful piano driven 'Dead by Christmas', to the rollicking 'Problem Child', to the impossibly catchy 'Village Girl'. Trust me, this is so good, don't be swayed by their tenuous connection to the eighties hair bands. Although singer Mike Monroe was way hotter than any of his contemporaries. And mark my words, I will have Allan singing their praises in no time, even if it kills me, or him. HOGAN, KELLY, & PINE VALLEY COSMONAUTS "Beneath The Country Underdog" (Bloodshot) cd 14.98 After hearing me (Cup) rage on about the fabulous Neko Case, perhaps you may have been itchin' for another beautiful voice from the Bloodshot camp? Well if so, look no further than Neko's labelmate (and occasional country chanteuse partner in crime), Kelly Hogan. Ms Hogan and company approach their songs from a more angelic, softer angle. Although it seems at times this album teeters quite close to the country-rock mainstream, fear not, strong storytellin' songwriting, some great guest players (Robbie Fulks, Edith Frost, John Wesley Harding to name a few), and an old country heart (reminiscent of a young Tammy Wynette) keep it from completely tumbling over to that side of the fence. Plenty of rich reverb-y twang, fiddle and pedal steel embellished from time to time with horns. Lovely. Top it all off with tips of the hat to Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt and Willie Nelson (with covers of "Papa Was A Rodeo" and "I Still Can't Believe You're Gone" respectively). IDES OF MARCH "Ideology" (Sundazed) cd 14.98 A fantastic collection of rarities from this Chicago pop combo formed in the years of the British Invasion... and it definitely shows. Full of wonderful vocal harmonies and jangling guitars this is very much in the vein of the Hollies or the Kinks. All 18 tracks included here were recorded between 1965 and 1968. JAMES GANG "Rides Again" (MCA) cd 12.98 Newly remastered and reissued, the James Gang indeed "Rides Again". "Yer Album" and "Thirds" have also received the same treatment, and we have 'em, but this is our favorite. Guitarist Joe Walsh (pre-Eagles, y'know) and his biker rock cronies Dale Peters and Jim Fox supply the famed '60s headbang "Funk #49" on this disc, along with extended musical suite "The Bomber" and some beautiful acoustic tunes mixed into the electric rawk. A classic. JOHNSTON, DANIEL "RejectedUnknown" (Which) cd 14.98 A new collection of the sincerest of storybook songs about love, despair, hope and true silliness sung in that sweet, wavering, warbling voice. Offering his unique view of the world, well, actually more like his world, as Daniel Johnston exists in a place all his own. Be forewarned, out of nowhere you may find yourself humming along to a song of his and realize it's also the melody to "Jingle Bells" or some other equally familiar yet out of place tune. Such is the mad music of Daniel Johnston. He also continues to illustrate each of his releases with his own felt pen drawings. In the land of Daniel Johnston, green martians, five-headed duck creatures, and superheroes roam freely. KRAUSE, D./A. MOORE/P. BLEGVAD "Camera" cd 15.98 In other words, Slapp Happy. "Camera" originated as an opera comissioned for TV, broadcast 1993. Singer Dagmar Krause stars "as a lone individual figure struggling against a nightmare of bureaucratic intrusion." With The Balanescu Quartet among other additional musicians. (Caveat: it's pretty mediocre, we'd recommended it primarily to Slapp Happy completists.) LABELLE, BRANDON/STEVE RODEN "The Opening Of The Field" (Digital Narcis) cd 17.98 The latest from LA sound artists Labelle (of id battery) and Steve Roden (aka in.betweeen.noise), sees them collaborating with the care and intellect that they are both known for in their work. "'The Opening Of The Field' presents a series of live studio improvisations that move quietly through the intimate surfaces of objects to the fragmented landscapes of field recordings. In this movement, from textured scrapings to electronic manipulations, the distinctness of objects and the processes of recordings clouds over to create a highly detailed sonic flow. The spaces of sounds and their origin are transposed onto an imaginary space where listening leads to many openings." -- from the liner notes. Need we say more? No? Good. LUSTMORD "Purifying Fire" (Soleilmoon) cd 14.98 "Purifying Fire" collects a handful of rarieties and unreleased pieces from the legendary dark ambient composer Brian Lustmord. Those of you familiar with his masterpieces "Heresy" and "The Monstrous Soul," won't find this to be a huge jump (forward/backward/anywhere) in Lustmord's aesthetics of deep space isolationism and psychic deterioration, but that's no complaint. It's still amazing stuff. MAJOR STARS "Space/Time" (Twisted Village) cd 13.98 Now on cd, the 2nd Major Stars album (with bonus track from an out of print 12"). This record starts off innocuously enough but by the time the last track "Dream of the Accidental Bird" reaches its tenth minute, you're in distortion heaven. 1/2 instrumental, the first "side" with singing, the second saying "the heck with that, let's jam!" and thus without. Either way, the psychrawk blow-out factor is in full effect as one might expect from anything having to do with guitarist Wayne Rogers (Crystallized Movements, Magic Hour, etc.). MATTHEWS, KAFFE + HAYLEY NEWMAN "Pointy Stunt" (Audioview/Lowlands) cd 15.98 This Hayley Newman person performs all sorts of weird actions, then electronic sound manipulator Kaffe Matthews processes the resultant audio. 67 minutes, all recorded live. Weird actions? Well, try wearing a velcro bodysuit with microphones sewn in, or dancing on a miked-up wooden box wearing stilleto shoes outfitted with motors in the heels...hmm. Anyway, knowing that Kaffe can make even the everyday sounds here at Aquarius Records quite interesting with her processing (as she demonstrated not long ago at an instore performance) you might expect that the material on "Pointy Stunt" couldn't fail. Unexpected sounds abound, with everything from some pleasing drone/hum on the "Shoes" track to cut up music and animal noises that result from Newman weighing different objects on digital scales that Matthews set up to trigger odd samples. NECROPHAGIST "Onset of Putrefaction" (Noise Solution) cd 15.98 Putrefaction. I love that word, especially how it's spelled. Anyway, despite the generic death metal band name, album title, and lyrical content, Necrophagist is by no means your run of the mill generic death metal band!! No sir. First off, it's one guy (German, I think; maybe Italian) playing the guitar, grunting the vocals, and programming the drums. Bedroom home studio metal. The main thing, tho: playing the guitar. This might be the ultimate crazy squiggly guitar lead album ever, outdoing even Morbid Angel and Krisiun in the extreme guitar soloing sweepstakes. It's insane, really. As brutal as the music gets, there's guitar shredding wedged into every available moment of music. As mentioned, this is one guy, probably recording at home. Well, I don't know about that for sure, but there must have been a long ProTools session involved in this!! 'Cause there's no way anybody could do this live. So, as a death metal record, pretty great indeed. Ignore the death metal aspect (if only the dude who did this would have!) and you've got an avant-garde guitar shred fest for John Zorn fans. It would make Buckethead weep. NEINA "Subconsciousness" (Mille Plateaux) cd 15.98 Neina are a Japanese trio recording for the famed Mille Plateaux label out of Germany. They take a cue from Oval, with whom they share a fondness for warm & scratchy minimalist electronica, then make it even more interesting. At first sounding charmingly as if they're underwater (where it's peaceful and not at all claustrophobic), they settle into a brief but brilliant few minutes of what actually sounds like IMPROVISED bleeps, swoops and beats. Very well done. They also explore the gentle but insistent pulsing associated with artists like Pan sonic and other Chain Reaction outfits. It's quite lovely! NERELL, LOREN "Lilin Dewa" (Side Effects) cd 14.98 Loren Nerell is the ethnomusicologist who compiled the exceptional field recording album "Indonesian Soundscapes" for Soleilmoon. "Lilin Dewa" is his outstanding studio production based on archaic Javanese and Balinese gamelan styles infused with dronologist electronics to add a dark mystery to the delicate percussive processions. It makes perfect sense that Brian Lustmord released this on his Side Effects label. NOKTURNAL MORTUM "NeChrist" (The End) cd 13.98 Imagine the Charlie Daniels Band jammin' with Emperor. Or rather, playing at the same time in adjoining practice rooms -- out in the forest. The ancient forests of the Ukraine, to be precise. That's where Nokturnal Mortum hail from. This is their third album. You may remember the big fuss we made over the amazing Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra disc last year? Well, Mr. Varggoth is the main guy in this band Nokturnal Mortum. With "NeChrist", he and his comrades have created a unique sound, one that combines a raw, roaring black metal attack with the pipes and fiddles and "yee-haws" of folk/country music, Ukrainian style. And, to make us AQ-ers enjoy this EVEN MORE, all of a sudden all the music will stop and the middle part of a track will be occupied by the croaking of frogs! And you know we like frogs and the noises they make. Similarily, the final song on the disc is preceded by 78 short (3 sec.) tracks of twittering birdsounds and forest ambience. Therefore, if you play the disc in "shuffle" mode, you get lots of cut-up bird calls mixed with the occasional actual fantastic Nokturnal Mortum song! The unanimous AQ black metal pick of this lunar month!! Brilliant. Yee-haw! (Recommended.) NURSE WITH WOUND "Alice The Goon" (United Daries) cd/12" 18.98/18.98 Stapleton begins his latest 30 minutes of madness with a groovy mambo loop that brings NWW closest to the late-show hallucinations found on "Sylvie and Babs," topped off with an out-of control guitar solo phasing in and out. Oddly enough, it draws close plunderphonic comparisons to the exotica trickery from People Like Us or Stock, Hausen, & Walkman. "Alice The Goon" drones off into a prog-jazz mantra with an undeterminable horned instrument and erractically plucked bass string. The cd version features an exceptional bonus track of mesmeric layers of deeply processed vocals. ORGANUM & THE NEW BLOCKADERS "Salute" (Robot) cd 15.98 Originally released as a cassette in 1984, "Salute" is an early collaboration between David Jackman (Organum's mastermind) and the Rupenus brothers (who outside of the anti-art noise in the New Blockaders, are also known as Masshitshaddu, Metgumbnerbone, Bladder Flask, Mixed Band Philanthropist, and probably a few other projects of esoteric hermeticism). While these two entities have crossed paths on a number of occassions (most notably being their speaker damaging noise collaboration "Symphony in X"), "Salute" makes for quite a listenable album, albeit one full of nervous claustrophobia. The tense analogue vibrations that buzzes incessantly with a flanged clatter of scraping/creaking metal put "Salute" in close proximity to the high-end squeal of Whitehouse, but fortunately without the embarrassing vocals. Most everything that Jackman touches is certainly worth listening to, and this is no exception. PABLO, AUGUSTUS "El Rocker's" (Pressure Sounds) cd 16.98 17 tracks. Classic '70s "Rockers" cuts with that "Far East" reggae sound by this recently-departed melodica-wielding genius. Allan's not a huge reggae fan, but has been trying harder as of late to get into the good stuff, and Augustus Pablo gets his "ordinarily-wary-of-reggae-but-this-is-really-ok" seal of approval. PALESTINE, CHARLEMAGNE "Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn" (Barooni) cd 15.98 "Begun in the spring of 1997, this work came out of the idea of traveling with an electronic drone on a ghetto blaster and re-recording it in different situations in many countries. After several months of unsuccessful experiments, I decided to record different situations or soundscapes first and then to superimpose a drone later. I made recordings in 20 different environments including Los Angeles, Paris, Nice, Berlin, New York City, Rotterdam, and Lisbon, but far and away the most impressive, expansive, and sonically interesting was the recording I made on the 5th of September 1997 on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn during the Jamaica Day Parade; the yearly tradition where more than 2 million Island people who live and around the New York City area meet to dance, sing, eat, and drink for an entire afternoon... With a small DAT player and a small stereo microphone, I walked throughout the festival very slowly for several hours to let the ambient sounds of each block naturally change in real time. The 60 minute segment on this record is played without any editing, but superimposed upon this extract I have composed three series of drone textures... All together this work creates a dialogue between pure and mixed electronics of my long continuum tradition and the real-time ambient sounds of a traditional urban ethnographic popular festival. The results have no extra-musical philosophies behind them." -- Charlemagne Palestine PHTHALOCYANINE "Viridian EP" (Phthalo) cd 12.98 Originally released on vinyl in 1995 on Plug Research and then again as a super limited CDR on Phthalo, this early work from Phthalocyanine is now available as a pressed CD! Strains of the romantic electron-pulse dreams of Aphex Twin (Polygon Window-era) are common in Dimitri's early work before heavy drum-machine-gun fire erupted on his messy and confrontational recent output. RONDELLES "TV Zombie" (K) 7" 2.98 With this release, The Rondelles hold the honor of being number XCIX (#99) in the International Pop Underground Singles Series. Hooray! Quite simply, this Albuquerque band continues to kick some super power-punk-pop ass --- albeit here in only two very brief bursts. Just a little single to keep us happy 'til the follow-up to the fabulous "Fox" album appears. More Rondelles, please! S.E.T.I. "Pod" (Ash International) cd 15.98 "Pod" is the final installment to Andrew Lagowski's alien trilogy, which has dealt with the secrecy surrounding extra-terrestrial intelligence and the so-called Grey Projects of research & development of the defense applications of ET technology. Thematically, Lagowski posits a different metaphor for "Pod" away from the control of information and closer to an escape mentality that was embraced by the members of the Heaven's Gate cult. Within this context, Lagowski has crafted an evocative collage of crackling VLF recordings, air-traffic control transmissions of UFO sightings, and other cosmic transmissions. SHAPE OF DESPAIR "Shades Of..." (Spikefarm) cd 14.98 Wow, people must sure get depressed up in Finland, with that long winter and all. That would explain the strain of bands like Thergothon, Skepticism, and now Shape of Despair, that are so good at moulding melancholic funeral dirge doom metal. Basically, if you like the suicidal heavy dirge of Skepticism, and the ever-so-slightly melodic misery of fellow Scandinavians Katatonia, you'll like Shape of Despair. SHIPP, MATTHEW QUARTET "Pastoral Composure" (Thirsty Ear) cd 14.98 Just now getting around to listing this relatively recent release (from a couple months back). Of all the currently hip and prolific jazzers out there, Mr. Shipp is probably our favorite. It's just hard to keep up with all his releases, but worth it not to miss 'em, 'cause he's a great pianist and someone who shows that the "difficult" and the "lovely" don't need to be mutually incompatable catagories. On this outing he's joined by Roy Campbell on trumpets, etc. as well as Gerald Cleaver on drums and (another hip, prolific jazz dude we have to like) William Parker on bass. STAR MAIDENS "Original Soundtrack" (All Score) cd 16.98 Heavy-duty cheesy soundtrack to Star Maidens, a U.K./German sci-fi television show from the '70s. The storyline? Men fighting for their freedom from the women of planet Medusa! Includes the song "Sex World". As performed by Barry Lipman and His Orchestra. Oozes sexy. SUBPOENA THE PAST "Conjure Itch" (Gold Standard Laboratories) lp 9.98 Fronted by Sonny Kay (Gold Standard Laboratories Records headpin and formerly of the VSS and Angel Hair), Subpoena The Past conjure the ghosts of Joy Division and early Killing Joke. This release turns away from the more dark-industrial leanings of their 'This Year's Eclipse' cd from '98 (when they were a duo), and into more art-punk territory. Jagged guitar lines and live drums take the place of samples and programmed beats. Side A is comprised of four tightly wound, brooding songs. A beautiful etching entitled 'The Amnesiac'(no music) graces side B. Sadly this release marks the swan song for this short-lived trio as Sonny is focussing much of his energy and attention on his rapidly growing uber-cool GSL label. SUCKLE "Against Nurture" (Chemikal Underground) cd 21.00 Frances McKee from The Vaselines now fronts Glasgow band Suckle. Very pretty folk-rock. Described as being like "the McGarrigle Sisters jamming with the Velvet Underground." Dunno about THAT, but this is nice. Lush and soft vocal harmonies with graceful strings and flute. Sounding quite like a sister album to 'The Great Eastern', the lovely recent release by labelmates the Delgados. SUICIDE "Half Alive" (ROIR) cd 14.98 A collection of some of the earliest recording by this seminal electro-punk duo of Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Dark, tense and seething. A stark, mad frenzy. Originally released back in 1981 on cassette only, but now released on cd with three bonus tracks. TARENTEL "Looking for Things / Searching for Things" (Resonant) 12" 9.98 Heads up! This brand new, import only 12" should arrive here by the weekend. It's got 2 looong new songs inspired by the Terence Malick film Days of Heaven, a perfect film if there ever was one. Gorgeous instrumental epic-osity from acclaimed local quintet. We'll give it a more thorough review next issue. TROUM "Framapeis" (Moloko) 12" 10.98 Troum is the dronological duo that was born out of the dissolution of Maeror Tri - easily one of the most emotive drone ensembles ever. Troum's "Framapeis" is a lengthy two track 12" that picks up where Maeror Tri left off, with lumbering dark ambient passages built out of layered guitar washes that slyly provide a semblance of simple melodies and tenative rhythmic structure. These shimmering apparitons of basic song structure gently pass through the thick sonic haze as if they have been sent down from the heavens and filtered through the sediments suspended in the atmosphere. Beautiful, majestic, and haunting, Troum (and the preceeding Maeror Tri) have set the bar very high for drone artists in the future... "Framapeis" is limited to 500 copies. V/A "Angola 60's (1956-1970)" (Buda) cd 15.98 First in a new series from the same label that brought us the Ethiopiques compilations. Influenced by such elements as Congolese highlife and music from Brazil & the Caribbean, some of the musicians here have even worked with such Pan-African stars as Rochereau, Sam Mangwana and Franco. The Zairian style is evident here: lots of lush hollow body electric guitar with tons of reverb. And yet both the Portuguese & Caribbean influences are equally apparent in the melodic lines, and the language - all in Portuguese. V/A "Live at the Blue Room" (Yanstar) cd 13.98 Compilation of live performances of touring bands at Chico's 'The Blue Room.' Includes such AQ faves as Stinking Lizaveta, Burning Airlines, Richard Buckner and Edith Frost. V/A "Strings and Stings" (FBWL-TOW) cd 15.98 Guitar tribute record featuring performances by Noel Akchote, James Plotkin, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Thurston Moore, Imagho, justin Broaderick and other avant/underground guitar heroes. VANDERSLICE, JOHN "Mass Suicide Occult Figurines" (Barsuk) cd 13.98 From the label that brought us Death Cab for Cutie comes a local project worthy of your attention: John Vanderslice's solo debut. As any fan of MK Ultra would know, John's brand of pop is complex, interesting, uncompromising, and most EPIC. Like Neutral Milk Hotel, whom Vanderslice obviously adores (enough to name this album after an NMH lyric), there's enough emotional intensity and Brit-pop-worthy melodicism here to satisfy the most demanding of sweet tooths. Recommended. WITCHES AND DEVILS "At The Empty Bottle" (KnitMedia) cd 15.98 Tribute to Albert Ayler by a band formed by some Chicago jazz scensters, led by reedsman Mars Williams, and including the ubiquitous Ken Vandermark (tenor sax). Also with cellist Fred Lonberg-holm, bassist Kent Kessler, and others. A very capable group indeed, and they do justice to the following Ayler tunes: "Truth Is Marching In", "Angels", and "Bells". Plus an Ayler-inspired sax/piano improvisation. ZEPPI "Zeppi" (Nadirean Extensions SF) cd 10.98 Local luminaries pay homage to the guitar. Aggro, spindly freaked-out psychedelic space-rock. ----* ----* Music with Turntables, Hip Hop and Otherwise : ----* CAM, DJ "Loa Project (Volume II)" (Six Degrees) cd 15.98 Latest from this well-known French DJ. Jazzy, beat heavy mixology. Samples, scratches, live playing, guest vox...definitely more on the DJ Shadow side of things than the DJ Q-bert side (in the easy listenability vs. turntable acrobatics spectrum). Downtempo cinematic noir-ish hip hop grooves rub shoulders with more dance-floor oriented material. INFESTICONS, THE "Gun Hill Road" (Big Dada Recordings/Ninja Tune) cd 14.98 Mike Ladd and company (including turntablist Mr. Len and members of Company Flow and Anti Pop Consortium) combine surrealist lyrics and deft delivery with stripped down, bass-heavy sampled loops. This is the unpredictable and fresh future of hip hop, from a guy who drops names like the Bomb Squad, Cat Power, and Bad Brains in the same breath. Give it a try. The album starts slow and then just gets better and better. JECK, PHILIP "20_02_00: Live at ICC, Tokyo" (Touch) cd 14.98 If there is a fault to be found in this release from Philip Jeck, it is in the cdr format and the painfully limited edition. With an arsenal of Dansette turntables (numbering up to 180!!!), Jeck sets up numerous pieces of vinyl with various delays and locked grooves fashioned directly on the vinyl with glue and razor blades. Cyclical patterns of Christmas tunes, slowed down antique 78s, and the tidal flux of surface noise are the raw elements for Jeck's collage. The result is an eerily beautiful piece that is just as good as (if not better than) Jeck's recently released turntablist double cd masterpiece "Vinyl Coda I-III." LIVE HUMAN "Elefish Jellyphant" (Matador) cd/2lp 13.98/16.98 San Francisco's fantastic live improv hiphop/jazz/turntablism trio, featuring the skills of DJ Quest of the Space Travellers/Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters, as well drum kit and double bass. Everybody loved their FatCat/Hip Hop Slam record "Monostereosis", and this is more of the same. Kinda like a more advanced version of the instrumental tracks on the last few Beastie Boys records, actually. Good stuff. RAIDA, ROC "Crossfaderz: A Turntablist Throwdown" (Moonshine) cd 16.98 DJ Roc Raida (of NYC's X-Ecutioners crew) spinning and scratching live on pirate radio. In the mix: The Arsonists, Q-Bert & D-Styles, Common, The Beatnuts, The X-Ecutioners, and others...plus "Caller Trying To Win Tickets" and other interludes. ----* ----* Maurizio Bianchi (MB) Reissues : ----* If you never cottoned on to Maurizio Bianchi the first time round (early '80s) and couldn't name a Throbbing Gristle album if you had a gun pointed at your head, then you're not alone. Like most of us on the staff here at AQ except for unashamed industrialist Jim, we were unaware of how great this music is until recently. Give it a try. MB "Archeo MB 2" (EEs'T / Alga Marghan) 5cd 77.00 Looking back at the manic output of Maurizio Bianchi (MB) with dozens of private edition LPs and cassettes from 1979 - 1984, it is arguable that his catalogue of 'pre-apocalyptic' industrialisms is an aural diary of psychological distress on par with someone like Jandek. Bianchi's work reveals the existential crisis of a frustrated nihilist whose explorations of cultural, religious, and semiotic collapse brought him closer to God. In 1984, Maurizio Bianchi released his last album and dropped out of sight. From what little contact he kept with his musical past, a myth circulated that he became a Jehovah's Witness, which appeared to be an absurd fate for this practitioner of negativity. However, this myth revealed itself as fact when he resurfaced in 1998 to release two ephemeral yet wholly uninteresting new age records filled with gilded spiritual imagery. At this time, Bianchi began remastering his earliest work and reissuing these albums through Alga Marghan. "Archeo MB 2" is the second set of reissues from the MB archives, collected as a 5cd set with the albums "Das Testament," "Endometrio," "Carcinosi," and "The Plain Truth," and "Armaghedon." Where the first set is a violent display of neurotic vibrations and deadly electronics, the second is relatively dreamy, albeit retaining the sonic qualities of erratic vertigo and shadowy hallucinations. His suffocating experiments with primitive synths, delay pedals, turntables, and tape machines collapsed in on themselves with an electrocuted obliteration of sound. Out of the ashes of such early albums as "Symphony for a Genocide" and "Neuro Habitat," Bianchi allowed for a structuralism with tentative rhythms and melodies to rise out of the blackened grit on the work found in "Archeo MB 2." Each of the albums found on this box set are available individually; however, the box set features extra artwork (including a really dorky photograph of Bianchi in a red sweater), and a handful of Bianchi's cryptic music critiques. Of all of the dronescapes, noise attacks, and electronic warbles that Aquarius has lavished with critical hyperbole, MB remains at the top of the list in terms of innovation and actualization of metaphor and intent. MB "Armaghedon" (EEs'T / Alga Marghan) cd 16.98 "The end of parabolic absurdity..." is the final quote from the encyclopaedic set of MB (Maurizio Bianchi) reissues. "Armaghedon" was the soundtrack to a film produced / directed by Bianchi. Although Bianchi released this as one of his private edition LPs, "Armaghedon" found limited distribution; furthermore, the majority of the pressings were destroyed for "obscure reasons," leaving only about 100 copies in existance. In Bianchi's take on the final epistomological battle of good and evil, the remnant material world is very cold place shivering beneath a thick ever growing chunk of ice with only slivers of heavenly light penetrating the frigid mass. In this metaphoric environment, Bianchi's electronics warble within the multiple delay attacks that dominate his preceeding albums, but with a coloring that resembles a glistening blue / green rather than the coal blacks / greys that came before. "Armaghedon" is also the only album to feature Bianchi's voice and could draw connections to the eerier drone work of Angus MacLise. MB "Carcinosi" (EEs'T / Alga Marghan) cd 16.98 If there is one MB record to own, it's "Carcinosi" - the synthesis of the divebomb synth squalor found on his early work like "Symphony for a Genocide" and the frigid drone exasperation of his finale "Armaghedon." Originally released in 1983 as a private edition of 400 copies, "Carcinosi" is part two of his dyptic of "bionic music" along side "Endometrio." The metaphors of cancer mutating within a technologized body parallel a text in which Bianchi refer to this work as a warning of another Auschwitz. Bianchi's "Carcinosi" masterfully actualizes his grim metaphors with a mesmeric carousel of dark fractures of muted noise and disorienting synthetic pulsations smothered in a heavily satuated wall of delay. MB "Das Testament" (EEs'T / Alga Marghan) cd 16.98 MB (Maurizio Bianchi) originally released "Das Testament" as a private edition of 300 copies in 1983. Bianchi starts off this album with cold black chops of tape splices and gritty electronic squeals that discharge in a mass of delay. These bleak bursts of noise retain the raw negative energy of MB's first recordings, but gradually an accumulated drone engulfs the primitive musique conrete techniques with an oppressive numbness. Bianchi also included an 30 minute excerpt from his first and only MB concert. With his own abstract verbage, Bianchi describes this album as "knowledge culminating in a deconsecration of germinative interrelation - to remember reddish scientific thaw. External cyclotron frequency is washing the minaturization of wavemeter pestilence." Scientific thaw and wavemeter pestilence, indeed! MB "Endometrio" (EEs'T / Alga Marghan) cd 16.98 "Endometrio" was originally issued as a private edition of 400 copies in 1983 and presents what MB (Maurizio Bianchi) qualified as "bionic music" which shifted MB further from the contemporary industrial bruitism of SPK and Whitehouse. Though primitive electronics and tape synthesis, MB sets up a metaphoric arena for biological warfare on a microscopic level upon which "Endometrio" bares witness to millions of death rattles from bacteria massacred by viral panzer divisions. To anthropomorphize the basic life of these single-celled bodies is to elicit horrific apocalyptic metaphors, which he elaborated as "volatility of thalassochemistry removal to dishevel the faculty of reason's aggravation." Doom & gloom aside, this is the pinnacle of MB's obsessive mastery of electronic de-composition. MB "The Plain Truth" (EEs'T / Alga Marghan) cd 16.98 Originally released in 1983 on Broken Flag (the malignant UK label which spawned Skullflower and Ramleh), "The Plain Truth" distances itself considerably from MB's preceeding electroshock bricolages, coming closest to the "Forbidden Planet" aesthetic of poetically bleak electronics. If one were to ask me to bet on when Maurizio Bianchi (MB) came to God, I'd put $100 on this record. Aside from the giveaway inscription "This record is dedicated to all the redeemed people," "The Plain Truth" has dropped the decomposition metaphors of sound / body from Bianchi's arsenal of sound and has left behind a swirling miasma of cosmic synth drones that one might find in Conrad Schnitzler's most mindwarping psychedelectronics. Regardless of the status of Bianchi's belief at the time of this recording, "The Plain Truth" is a fabulous piece of kaleidoscopic darkness. ----* ----* Despondent Doom Metal From Finland : ----* RAPTURE "Futile" (Spikefarm) cd 14.98 Yet another depressing and doomy export from our beloved Finland. Man, these people must be so miserable. How else could a single nation produce so much depressing music? This time around it's the Rapture, who musically, bear an uncanny resemblance to AQ favorites Katatonia. And for those of you unfamiliar with that sound, it's a bit like a metal Cure; dark and droning, melodic and hypnotic, but heavy! The Rapture take their obvious Katatonia influence, and rough it up, adding screaming, shrieking, growling black metal vocals, instead of the more melodic Katatonia croon. Really fucking great. THERGOTHON "Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth" (Eibon) cd 11.98 Prior to the classic "Stream From The Heavens" disc on Avantgarde, this Finnish band of early '90s doom metal pioneers (along with Australian contemporaries Disembowlment, establishing the sound later taken up by bands like Skepticism, Ras Algethi, and Shape of Despair) released the appropriately Lovcraftian titled "Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth" demo tape, circa '91. Now it's available on cd, in a nice cardboard mini-lp style package. These are different songs from what's on the (also recently-reissued) "Stream" album. Moody doom / doomy mood music, slow, heavy, full of cosmic angst and horrific beauty. THERGOTHON "Stream From The Heavens" (Avantgarde Music) cd 14.98 Lost dooooom metal classic, circa '92, finally reissued. Finland's Thergothon play super slow, morose, keyboard-abetted doom metal that must have been a big influence on fellow countrymen Skepticism. With cosmic, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired lyrics. Darkly beautiful melancholy. For fans of Skepticism, Ras Algethi, Disembowlment, Esoteric. ----* ----* Tumbao Label / Classic Cuban Music : ----* Aquarius is proud to once again stock Tumbao releases. In an era where cocktail culture has diluted and made a mockery of music from the Caribbean it is refreshing to finally have the original roots and branches - of what became the Latin craze in the US - to finally speak for themselves and Tumbao is the single most important label dedicated to reissuing the golden era of Cuban music. Starting in 1990, Tumbao has been steadily reissuing radio transcriptions - from New York, Havana & Mexico - of the most influential and exciting orchestras and conjuntos of all time. Because most of the tapes here were never played until they were transferred digitally to CD masters, the sound quality on some of the recordings is astoundingly good. At this point there are almost a hundred CD's issued by Tumbao, and we hope to gradually increase our stock here at the store. Below are a few of the titles we've received thus far, but by no means are we limited to these few titles. We'll keep you informed of others that strike us particularly as they come in. CONJUNTO MATAMOROS "With Beny More" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 One of the many incarnations of groups formed by the legendary Miguel Matamoros - who's lifetime output consists of almost 200 songs. The pairing here of Miguel's songwriting with the beautiful singing of Beny More is really a great one and possibly also a historic moment as well; as Miguel put it: "In 1945 we were contracted for Mexico and I took [Beny] along with me. He came really to be just my substitute in the vocal parts of the conjunto, but such was his ability that it cried out to be left alone so that he could perform on his own. That is to say, the conditions and situations were such that they provided him with the necessary impetus that transformed him into a star." The first eight tracks found here on this cd were recorded in Mexico City in 1945 during that engagement. The others tracks were recorded between 1946 and 1947. Besides Beny More, Conjunto Matamoros is backed up here by Ciro Rodriguez (2nd voice, maracas, claves), Rafael Cuelo (guitar, choir), Ramon Dorca (piano), Jose Macias & Jose Quintero (trumpets), Cristobal Mendive (bass), Agustin Gutierrez (bongos) and, of course, Miguel Matamoros (1st voice - tracks 9 to 17 - and guitar.) GUERRA, ORLANDO "CASCARITA" "El Guaracho" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Here is a fine collection of recordings featuring the ever capable vocalist Cascarita. Recorded between 1944 and 1946 with the backing of Cuba's most famous of Orchestras, Orquesta Casino De La Playa (plus three tracks recorded with Orquesta Siboney de Pepito Torres in Puerto Rico) Cascarita has one of the most amazing voices in Cuban music, completely reckless, half laughing and yelling, but always in control. Though the liner notes don't give indications as to the performers on this recording, but 10 to 1 the pianist is either Perez Prado (who Cascarita helped to land a job with Orquesta Casino De La Playa) or Anselmo Sacasas. Either way, the piano playing alone should be enough reason to buy this recording - top notch played with that combination ham fistedness and delicate finesse. MACHITO & HIS AFRO-CUBANS "Freezelandia" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Machito, along with trumpet player Mario Bauza, formed this group after Bauza had cut his teeth playing with Cab Calloway's orchestra in 1940. The concept was to present an Afro-Cuban orchestra that incorporated Jazz musicians, a concept that had a tremendous influence on both American and Cuban orchestras alike. The tracks here, recorded in New York between 1947 and 1949 features: Machito (maracas, claves & vocals), Mario Bauza, Frank Davila & Bobby Woodlen (trumpets), Gene Johnson & Fred Skerritt (alto saxes), Jose "Pin" Madera (tenor sax), Leslie Johnakins (baritone sax), Rene Hernandez (piano), Roberto Rodriguez (bass), Luis Miranda (conga), Jose Mangual (bongos), Ubaldo Nieto (timbales) and Graciela (vocals.) MERCERON, MARIANO Y SUS MUCHACHOS PIMIENTA "Yo Tengo Un Tumbao" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 MORE, BENY "El Barbaro del Ritmo" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 It has been said that Beny More is one of the greatest Cuban singers, and one of its greatest patriots - one of the few stars of his generation who chose to stay in Cuba rather than emigrate to the U.S. or Mexico - a singer "gifted with an incomparable voice. He was the most all-around of Cuban singers, for he was capable of embroidering, stretching, and repeating the phrases of a song without ever altering his rhythm. He knew, with an instinctive judgement, how to assimilate new harmonic concepts while at the same time remaining true to his roots." This recording is unique in that Beny More is backed up by Perez Prado and his orchestra, a group more commonly associated with instrumental music. Recorded in Mexico City between 1948 and 1950. ORQUESTA CASINO DE LA PLAYA "Memories of Cuba" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Orquesta Casino De La Playa was a Cuban super group of sorts, giving many future greats their start and this collection features some great performances by some of the best. The inimitable Damaso Perez Prado is featured playing some absolutely reckless and wonderful piano, as is future bandleader Anselmo Sacasas. If that isn't enough the greatest male vocalist of Cuba (in my humble opinion) Cascarita, and the now renown Miguelito Valdes both sing on tracks here. Recorded between 1937 and 1944, this is an essential recording for any collection of Cuban music. ORQUESTA CASINO DE LA PLAYA WITH MIGUELITO VALDES "Fufunando" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 ORQUESTA NIAGRA WITH RUBEN GONZALEZ "Que No Se Acabe El Bongo" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 PINEIRO, IGNACIO "Y Su Septeto Nacional" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 This is a collection of Son, Bolero Son, Rumba & Guaracha from Ignacio Pineiro and his septet, recorded in 1928 and 1930. Very raw sounding, infectious songs with beautiful, semi-out-of-tune guitar & tres guitar filling out the sound. Accompanying Ignacio Pineiro (bass, conductor) on these recordings are: Alfredito Valdes & Jose Jimenez or Juan De La Cruz & Abelardo Barroso (1st voices, claves - 1930 & 1928 respectively); Bienvenido Leon (2nd voice, maracas); Miguel Angel Portillo or Jose Manuel Incharte (bongos); Eugenio Constantin or Alberto Villalon (guitar); Francisco Gonzalez (tres guitar); Lazaro Herrera (trumpet.) PRADO, PEREZ "Al Compas Del Mambo" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Recorded between 1950 and 1952 this CD presents Perez Prado and his orchestra in their prime. Prado is credited with popularizing the mambo and fueling an obsession with Cuban music in the US that has lasted to this day. Incredibly tight, punchy arrangements, each punctuated by Prado's trademark gutteral yelp - it's no wonder he was so popular then and still is today. Despite his nearly being overplayed and drowned in cocktail culture, he still emerges unmblemished - the James Brown of Cuba. Highly recommended! PRADO, PEREZ "Go Go Mambo" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Another great collection of recordings from Perez Prado, these recorded in Mexico between 1949 & 1950 and NYC 1951. PRADO, PEREZ "Kuba-Mambo" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 As far as I know, these are the earliest recordings of Perez Prado's own orchestra (which he formed in 1946) and recorded in Mexico between 1947 and 1949. Unlike his later recordings, which featured less and less vocal parts in favor of the more fashionable instrumentals, there are healthy doses of vocals on this recording from Orlando Guerra (aka: Cascarita), Abel del Rivero, Cecilia Ginzalez and other unknown vocalists. PUENTE, TITO "Mambo Macoco" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 New York born timbalist and band leader Tito Puente hardly needs an introduction. Like Machito, he sought to integrate jazz and mambo together - tight Latin percussion sections, with extended instrumental solos. These recordings were made in New York City between 1949 and 1951 and feature: Tito Puente (vibes, timbales); Gil Lopez & Luis Verona (piano); Mongo Santamaria or Frankie Colon (conga); Manny Oquendo (bongos); Amado Visoso (bass); Frank LoPinto, Jimmy Frisaura & Gene Pappetti (trumpets); Joseph Herde, Irving Butler, Edward Grimm & Sol Rabinowitz (saxes); Vincento Valdes & Bobby Escoto (vocals & maracas.) RODRIGUEZ, ARSENIO "Como Se Goza En El Barrio" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Arsenio Rodriguez is one of the masters of the Tres Guitar - a guitar originating from a three string guitar of African Congolese origin. Completely blind since the age of six, Rodriguez started learning to play guitar in his teens. It was during a trip to New York in 1947 in an attempt to restore his sight that he had the opportunity to play with Machito's orchestra. He decided to return to New York in 1953 and while there, started his own group. These recordings were made that year and feature vocals by Rene Scull (who has a vibrato technique all his own) and Candido Antomattei. The size of the ensemble, though small, still has the energy and swing of a much bigger group. SACASAS, ANSELMO Y SU ORQUESTA "Sol Tropical" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Pianist and arranger Anselmo Sacasas was one of the founding members of the renown Orchesta Casino De La Playa in 1937. In 1940 he moved to New York and formed his own group and, being one of the most amazing Cuban pinaists and arrangers, his orchestra became one of the most popular in the New York scene during throughout the decade. Featuring vocals from Octavio "Cuso" Mendoza and Ruben Gonzalez, these recordings were made in New York between 1945 and 1949. SEPTETO Y CONJUNTO MATAMOROS "Camaron Y Mamoncillo" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Miguel Matamoros formed both the Septeto (1928) and Conjunto (1942) much after he'd already aquired acclaim with his trio. With the Septeto he filled out the sound by adding trumpet (Jose Macias or Jose Quintero), clarinet (Francisco Repilado), bass (Felipe Torriente or Christobal Mendive), bongos (Pedro Mena or Agustin Gutierrez) and adding piano (Armando Beltran or Ramon Dorca) for the Conjunto. The repertoire remains unchanged with the increase in ensemble size and most of the recordings found here (made between 1928 and 1950) are still primarily the Cuban Son which Miguel Matamoros was probably the greatest propagator of. TRIO MATAMOROS "China En La Rumba" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 This cd is a broad spanning collection of recordings - made from 1928 to 1951 - by Miguel Matamoros' most resilient of groups. Consisting of Miguel Matamoros (voice, guitar), Ciro Rodriguez (voice, maracas, claves) and Rafael Cueto (guitar, choir), it was this ensemble with which "Miguel was successful in combining to perfection all the melodic and rhythmic elements that the eastern son contained, and he brought to it the very typical charms of the purest 'creole' flavor." It is this genre that is the national pride of Cuba and it is this ensemble that impressed many young aspiring musicians including Compay Segundo of Buena Vista Social Club fame. VALDES, MIGUELITO WITH NORO MORALES' ORCHESTRA "Mr. Babalu" (Tumbao) cd 15.98 Another one of the top vocalists in Cuba, Miguelito Valdes probably received the greatest fame of any Cuban singer in the U.S. Having received his big break singing for Xavier Cugat's orchestra in 1940 - playing at Waldorf-Astoria's famous Starlight Roof in N.Y. The famous song Babalu, made so by performances of it by Cugat and Valdes, became so associated with Miguelito Valdes that he became known as "Mr. Babalu." The recordings here were made in New York City in 1949 (with Miguelito Valdes' orchestra) and 1951 (with Noro Morales' orchestra.) ----* ----* Printed Matter : ----* BUNNYHOP #10 magazine 4.95 The Fake issue, whatever that means. AQ-fave illustrator J. Otto Seibold, Les Rythmes Digitales, Momus, The Onion, Sandy Stone, cut-up record reviews, (Get Up Kids' cover artists) Travis Millard's great comix. YOUR FLESH #43 magazine 5.00 Your Flesh publisher Peter Davis is still at it. Guerilla filmmaker Nick Broomfield (Kurt & Courtney, Hollywood Madam), Alice Cooper, Duke Ellington, Redd Foxx, black crime noir novelist Gary Phillips, UK postpunk group Red Monkey, book film and video reviews, along with 34,325 generally useful, subtantive record reviews. NO DEPRESSION #28 magazine 3.95 Loretta Lynn cover story, John Doe (X), Red House Painters' Mark Kozelek, scene reports, etc. THE WIRE #197 magazine 7.50 On the cover -- Anti Pop Consortium, who've made one of the 2 or 3 BEST hiphop records of this year, a long article featuring also Mike Ladd (Infesticons) Sonic Sum, Dose One. Also: Reynols (the brilliant Argentinian conceptualist trio --they did that 'Blank Tapes' album among other choice offerings-- led by a guy with Downs Syndrome), avant jazz drummer William Hooker, 23 Skidoo, Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon on the Invisible Jukebox. STAY FREE! #17 magazine 3.95 "Focused on issues surrounding commercialism and American culture." Horrible examples of advertising, a tour of the Playboy mansion, how to read billboards, stories of getting fired, my life as a market researcher, etc. Super thoughtprovoking and media-literate. ----* ----* In Stock, Haven't Had a Chance to Review Yet : ----* IDA "Will You Find Me" (Tigerstyle) cd/lp 13.98/8.98 PERRY, LEE "Voodooism" (Pressure Sounds) cd 16.98 ISIS "Celestial" (Escape Artist) cdep 8.98 DRESSER, MARK, FRED FRITH AND IKUE MORI "Later ..." (Victo) cd 15.98 IN AETERNUM "The Pestilent Plague" (Necropolis) cd 13.98 LOZENGE "Doozy" (Toyo) cd 10.98 ZEEK SHECK "Zemag Daeh" (Toyo) cd 10.98 _______________________________________________________________________ MISSION CREEK FESTIVAL The Fourth Anuual Mission Creek Festival is happening this coming weekend, and Aquarius is one of the sponsors. Performers: Live Human, Zmrzlina, Ralph Carney, Finger Puppet, Rumah Sakit, Marcus Shelby Jazz Trio, Black Dot Collective, Persephone's Bees, Touched by a Janitor, The Wandering Stars, Matty Charles, Nickel Beer Riot, and Pepito. El Rio (3158 Mission) Saturday July 15, 3pm-1am, $8 ...and don't forget there's BBQ! _______________________________________________________________________ RECOMMENDED DANCE/MUSIC PERFORMANCES Mimicry and Flaunting : An Evening with Monique Jenkinson July 14, 15, 21, 22 / 8pm This is the final show at Dancers' Group Studio Theater 3221 22nd Street (at Mission), San Francisco 415/824-5044 Res/Info Musical Guests are: Niko Wenner And Monte Vallier / July 14, 15 Spoonbender 1.1.1 / July 21, 22 Monique's lovely assistant is Joaquin Castillo-Aranas It costs $12 ($6 if you dress up fancy). _______________________________________________________________________ TERRASTOCK IV RETURNS TO THE U.S. FOR FOURTH ANNUAL JAMBOREE (Aquarius has nothing to do with this year's festival, so please direct your questions to the festival organizers.) The fourth Terrastock festival of arts and music takes place this year over the weekend of November 3rd - 5th. The venue chosen is the historic Showbox, located in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA. Terrastock IV aims to build on the continuing tradition and success of the first three Terrastock festivals, held in Providence, RI (1997), San Francisco CA (1998), and in London, England (1999). This upcoming three-day event has been conceived in a similar spirit of "peace, love and cooperation" in order to celebrate the music championed by the long running magazine, The Ptolemaic Terrascope. This year we are pleased to be associated with our good friend and associate Chris Porter, from the Seattle-based arts and events company One Reel. Together we hope to make Terrastock IV one of the most outstanding of what has already been a very special series of events. Terrastock is not an indie rock record company feeding frenzy. Bands and artists will be there solely at the personal invitation of the organizers. The one thing they all have in common is the fact that each has at some time been adulated in The Ptolemaic Terrascope. It's simply about the music and that indefinable "spirit of Terrastock". If you were fortunate enough to be at any of the previous Terrastocks, you'll already know what we mean. And if you're intrigued enough to check out what all the fuss has been about in previous years, then now's your chance: don't hesitate, because tickets to this unique event are promising to sell out VERY quickly indeed. Below you'll find a list of confirmed bands and artists to date, many of who are travelling over vast continents and oceans under their own steam to be with us. Bear in mind that this is by no means a complete and final roster and is subject to confirmation. As always, we have several additional guest artists and special surprises in store. If you are a musician or a record label who thinks your band would also be ideal for Terrastock, then please first consider the fact that we selected those mentioned below from a short-list of over 200 names as long ago as February this year. There really is no point in adding any further names at this juncture, although we do genuinely appreciate your support and interest. Please be aware that in a probably futile attempt to break even this year, a NO GUEST LIST - ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS policy has been adopted for Terrastock IV. This does NOT mean that if you're the cousin of someone who guested on kazoo for one of the bands who performed in the parking lot outside Terrastock 3 you're entitled to get into the festival for free; neither does it mean if you're the CEO of a record label of one of the bands who are appearing that you get a free ticket for yourself, your kids and your secretary. Weekend passes, which are available through Ticketweb (see below for details), can be purchased this year at the extremely reasonable price of $65.00 until August 31st, thereafter still only $75.00. This is for three days worth of music remember, and a chance to see many bands who are making a rare if not unique appearance in the North West. Orders MUST be made by the cut-off date in order to attract the early supporter rate. However, since we anticipate the festival to completely sell out well in advance of the cut-off date once again, it's in your own best interest to PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS IMMEDIATELY. Furthermore, in order to minimize potential disappointment this year, we have limited orders to a maximum of 4 passes per person ordering. If you have any questions regarding directions, travel information, accommodation, or the comparative price of pasta shells in Seattle, feel free to regularly check our website at http://www.terrascope.org - we will be posting as much information as possible there throughout the coming months. Likewise, to subscribe to the Terrascope's mailing list for updates and related news, please send a message to terraguests@terrascope.org and put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. CONFIRMED BANDS SO FAR THE BEVIS FROND, CHARALAMBIDES, CHILDREN OF THE RAINBOW, COUNTRY JOE McDONALD & THE FROND-FISH, DAMON AND NAOMI, DONOVAN'S BRAIN, ETHEREAL COUNTERBALANCE, GHOST, THE GREEN PAJAMAS, THE LINUS PAULING QUARTET, LOTHARS, MAJOR STARS, MARTYN BATES (Eyeless in Gaza), MAZARIN, THE MINUS FIVE, THE MONKEYWRENCH, PAT ORCHARD, THE SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE, SPACEHEADS, STONE BREATH, SUBARACHNOID SPACE, TARENTEL, WELLWATER CONSPIRACY, WINDY AND CARL Venue address: Showbox 1426 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 (206-628-3151) * Ticketweb (www.ticketweb.com or call 1-800-965-4827) Direct link to purchase tickets on-line: http://www.ticketweb.com/user/?region=wa&query=schedule&attract=37999 * Sonic Boom Records, Seattle (206-547-2666) * Orpheum Records, Seattle (206-322-6370) Festival Organizer: Chris Porter One Reel P.O. Box 9750 Seattle, WA 98109 cporter@onereel.org Festival Promoter: Phil McMullen, The Ptolemaic Terrascope, PO Box 2152, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 7UQ, England Editor@terrascope.org __________________________________________________________________ ONLINE MAILORDER PROCEDURE See the Order Form _______________________________________________________________________ The Aquarius Records New Arrivals list has 4219 subscribers. If you like our list, please buy your records from Aquarius; we produce this list for you and it's a lot of work! * Aquarius Records --------------- * * 1055 Valencia Street * * San Francisco, CA * * 94110 USA * * tel 415.647.2272 * * fax 415.647.3447 * * store@aquariusrecords.org * * http://www.aquariusrecords.org * "How about a female version of AC/DC's Angus Young? With all the shirtbuttons loosed. 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